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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tweeting Away From Twitter As Fast As I can

Tweeting a sane thought at 145 words per shot is taxing...and , where does it get me or anyone? By trying to promote my web site, I joined Twitter, Facebook, MySpace as many blog sites as I could find and...

...It's a #5 "think about the non conventional 'cause something strange is gonna' happen pivotal change " Universal Day - so, I began to wonder why I am being "followed" by at least eight every day on Twitter. In a few weeks, I have accumulated almost fifty unknown followers. My "Tweets" only mention the day's blog title and my web address. Unlike most Tweeters, I only list one time each day.

Most bio as conservative Christians with an axe to grind about the current administration. If they read my blogs they'd know that I disagree with them. Are they gathering a "following" list to use for some conservative, Christian, down with this administrations' policies purpose?

None of the other sites I listed on contact unless they have a real comment and Twitters write ten plus Tweets, one after the other - don't they have to milk the cow or plow the field? It's a puzzlement!These Twitter-Twits follow thousands...I guess they expect me to "follow" them too.

Today, on my "reality check" #4 Personal Day - doing a Universal Day, #5, pivotal change and Tweeting away from Twitter-Twits as fast as I can.

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