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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


While Vegas cringes, lottery players are buying WIN THE LOTTERY! - reaching out to ,, to make a miracle - perhaps get lucky in this maddening economy. With feelings of control slipping, although money is tight, the message seems to be, if we're gonna' take a risk, we may do better with personal numbers and take a risk on ourselves . If he time is destiny "right"...

...we sense it. However, the numbers that are attracted to players over a lifetime are learned with the numerology system. These are the numbers that crop up your addresses, phone, social security and bank account numbers and when looking at a clock. There's the gambler's number 5 (14,23, 32,41)- there's the money and power number 8 (17,26,35,44): Always good bets. And then there are your personal numbers that 'sense" their way into your reality.

There are 3 name numbers and 2 birth date numbers to find out about and they are combined with the number for the date the lottery is drawn. It takes about five minutes of WIN THE LOTTERY! reading - with 2 + 2 third grade arithmetic, to discover them.

Due to focusing on personal numbers their meanings are reinforced. Good luck may appear in the form of a job that fits the career talent number...or a love that fits the destiny number or a look in the eye of a person that you draw into your life who improves your self image.

After twenty-five years of USA, Brazilian and UK book shelf time, my book WIN THE LOTTERY! is jack-potting - flying out of web site booksellers shopping carts and filling the public interest in picking the right numbers for a lottery win or a destiny winning streak.

Advocating gambling as a means to a miracle is not my intention and spiritually I know, "when the time is right for your destiny , you will win."

As an elderly numerologist with a #5 gambler's destiny, it makes sense to me to stay out of the casinos where hundreds are wagered on computerized machines and surely lost. With everything changing and unpredictable due to the new millennium, folks are making a small investment in something that makes them smile - terrible odds lotteries = miracles.

To numerologists, the day's focus is predictable. To most, everyday is an unknown - a gamble. You can walk out the door an get hit by a flower pot and nothing will matter...however, if you're aiming for a miracle - in a risk-taking mood, about to gamble, discover your own numbers and you may attract problem-solving surprises and win at the lottery of life.

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