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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sensing and Analyzin Michelle

It's not my intention to hit-on our Pres. or make light of Michelle's many accomplishments and family values. My intention is to analyze - question bare arms for business occasions and why Michelle needs no cover up in cold places in Winter....sensing that there is an underlying personal reason for her sleeveless style.

I voted for and have come to love and respect our president and admire the many attributes of his amazing wife! I am proud to see this elegant man speaking and energized to see Michelle bringing the issues that plague our military and their families to public scrutiny....among other valuable family interests. Comments came in regarding yesterday's "Bare Arms" blog defending the Obamas.. There's no need to tell me to "give him time" or to defend them to me.

Huffington Post's columnist, Bonnie Fuller calls the bare arm fracas, "Sleevegate." Check it out today: She's got supporters galore for Michelle's preference to go sleeveless and cites many photos of Jackie Kennedy sans sleeves. Of course, Jackie's photos were not formal business appearances. My issue is not with Michelle's choice to go sleeveless - It's the state occasions and formal photo shoots that do have protocol and have an expectation of "correctness" that makes me wonder if there's an underlying reason for creating her signature sleeveless style than to show her buff arms and well-maintained athletic body.

True, in photo shoots, lights are hot and there's a lot of camera and clothing adjustments that take up gets hot. Still, most warm weather occasions include air conditioning. Some occasions bring Michelle to places that are very cold and everyone is covered-up except Michelle: She makes me wonder.

The new administration is making unconventional-for-past-performances changes. Perhaps Michelle supports her husband by personally letting-go of past procedures too or she just never followed business dress codes during her private industry career. I analyze everything. I spend my life analyzing how a number 5 Universal Day vibes with a number 4 Personal Day...

...and whether double rolls of toilet tissue are really a better bang-for-the-buck than singles...I cannot help but analyze Michelle's insistence on wearing summer clothes in Winter and, sending the message to the American public that America's First Lady has no use or respect for the universal conventional dress codes. So... analysis took in many things - her age, sex, personality, marriage responsibilities and unusual situations in which I found her in unconventional dress. I concluded that there is an underlying reason for her sleeveless preference as her comfort style. I still think that it is possible that Michelle is nearing or involved with menopause and has found her way to deal with it. On the other hand, she may want to follow through on Barack's take on originality. I'm still analyzing...that's what professional numerologists do... so, please know there's no need to defend the Obama's to me and I will always analyze and question things that defy logic and do not compute.

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