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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gotta' Find Recession-Proof Freebies

After my numerology vibes changed in March from February's #3 "optimism and social contact" Personal Month into the details of my practical realities #4 Personal Month, I tried to escape. The falling stock market, rising food and house maintenance costs and cautions that organic foods are not only too pricey but ,certification does not guarantee that they are less likely to make us sick and aren't necessarily healthier, is to much reality for me. So, I'm chasing non-reality - finding freebies to alleviate my personal financial depression and not-too-patiently waiting for the four years of reality to pass.

Did I need to know that health food certification inspectors are paid by the people they're inspecting and may be tempted to pass their employers in order to keep the companies that employ them in business? I don't want to know that or that end-of-month job losses figures increased from 500,000 in January to 697,000 job losses in February. We're pulling closer to the 10% or more consumption decline that indicates we are in depression.

True, the 1929-1932 "Great depression" had a 25% decline...however...changing business practices - music festivals are offering payment plan and the Metropolitan Opera putting up their masterpiece art collection as collateral to keep performing - not to mention how cutting meat costs brings back memories of lotsa' mac and cheese and how tough cube steak and skirt steak can be --- these changes are depression signals.

After squeezing my household spending budget into little cash envelopes that emptied before the last week of the month, it seemed to me that I was showing self-discipline - handling it. However, no money to spend sent me to voyeurism - a news-junkie. peering into other people's lives. So, I and peek in on real or might-be-fake "tweeting" between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (they speak sweet-nothings in French) and on-line-all-the-time, self-promoting by MC Hammer - I blog daily here, on with postings on ,, , and enjoy the feedback...and learn about my family happenings on ...To some this may seem a waste of time. However, it's free, the brain-activity is probably warding off Altzheimers and my reality is, "there's no cash in the entertainment or dining-out envelope."

Each month's numerology vibes - universal or personal - have a specific direction and when you follow the direction, easy-to-come-by opportunities. In this #5 "things are changing without warning" Universal Month, I'm attempting to ward off the evil spirits of surprise expenses with my #4 "be practical, correct over-spending, maintain what I have" Personal Month's opportunities. Statistically, recessions usually last for four years and numerology's forecast predicts the same time span, So, It's cost-free entertainments and tenderized beef stew till times change again in the Fall of 2011 or 2012.

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