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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Nadya Suleman, "Octo-Mom", "feeling total freedom" now that she has a 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath house in which she will sleep in the living-room on the couch, and care for her fourteen children. Her recent breakthrough - she's seeing reality now!

There's a an exclusive video of "Octo-Mom" on - looking so Angelina - graciously, showing her house - room-by-room. When asked, on camera, how she will have the money to care for the children she says, she'll be selling resources, using all the money she earns at job and hopes for donations.

When asked about help from her parents...doesn't mention that her father is supposed to have bought her the house and she says parents won't be there. Doesn't mention the volunteer Angels coming to care for her kids. So excited to have a beautiful house of her own. And, she's got everything planned...

...babies coming home two at a time.
...two babies to a crib - sleeping in the den.
...dining room is too small - they'll eat buffet style.
...getting bigger frig.
...removing carpeting....sterilizing house - medical industrial cleaning - by checking duct system, repainting and removing and replacing all carpeting.
...getting large king size bed 'cause bigger kids will probably want to play in the master bedroom.
...inspection showed water damage in bathrooms - so probably going to redo bathrooms.
...redoing garage into playroom/entertainment center for older six children that she says in other interviews, are internalizing anger.
...getting rid of grass in backyard and putting up the new trampoline.

We know you want to do a "reality show caring for the kids." This is reality? What next Nadya? When are you getting a puppy?

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