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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Fed Ex - Bad Octo-Mom

On this #1 "new things begin" Universal Day, I found a "first" that I hope begins a trend and a repeat "bad" that I hope begins to stop.

There's good news - a helpful offering - from Fed Ex that brings forth the my hope that their new policy will catch on: Other companies may come up with ideas for sharing too.Jobless needing resume copies may go to any of the 1600 Fed Ex owned Kinko stores and receive 25 resume copies on high quality paper. Sure, some may go from KInko to Kinko and receive 25 copies from each store. That's unlikely with most resumes submitted on the Internet - and Fed Ex isn't concerned. Their offer may be taken by the 900 employees Fed Ex-Kinko recently let-go...times are not good for the company either. However, cheers to Fed Ex for delivering to me the first good news seen in the media in months.

Bad news too - and Octo-Mom is at it again - her motherly manner includes threatening to kill herself in front of children. Police have been to her home to free a child from a locked bedroom and recently she hysterically called 911 because she couldn't find one of her kids. On the phone, in front of another child, she told the 911 operator that she was going to kill herself if the child was lost.

The operator asked her not to say that in front of a child...that didn't stop her hysteria. Octo-Nervous-Wacko- Mom called 911 shortly after to say the child took a walk and returned safely. Apparently, a neighbor complained to police that her kids played in the mud and were not cared for prior to this "lost child" happening. There's "bad" stuff - not secure mothering at Octo's house.

I think Fed Ex-Kinko should be recognized for accepting the bad time we're in and taking a good action. I think the Octo-Mom bad chaos should be stopped before the Octuplets are sent home. Might be nice to stop in a neighborhood Kinko and say thanks...that would be a first for Kinkos. I think Child Services should take the first step to consistent checking-in to be sure parenting is provided by a mentally stable Octo-Mom. What do you think?

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