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Friday, March 6, 2009

Michelle - Making the White House a Home

Entertaining in the White House for Michelle is not a formal state occasion...she's at home; dressing and appearing relaxed and welcoming.

I want to remember this picture: The hand-holding Obamas, hurrying down the red carpet to a White House dinner for two hundred, found Barack adjusting his jacket, Michelle in a cut-for-comfort-black pants suit accessorized with black flats giving an impression of pleasant anticipation.

Michelle made me think of the harried days when my life was kid, husband, job and keeping up a social schedule challenging. I got everything done without prying eyes that might notice my blunders and swift corrections. Michelle's got photographers popping flash at every turn and she's doing much more than I could have accomplished and and turning a previously stuffy formal house into a welcoming home.

In a very short time, The White house has become her backdrop. She's brought the life style of a family-first, socially conscious, professional young woman to the Washington scene, Michelle is getting to know her neighbors. After spending a morning serving food to the homeless a few blocks away, talking to media, pointing up the need for help for military families and an afternoon when Brad Pitt dropped in for a quiet chat with her husband, she obviously needed to dress quickly and for common-sense, comfort.

It's nice to feel that I can identify my family life with the new First Family. I still think a cover-up at formal business meetings is "correct." However, at home, she's the bright, smiling queen in her castle...she decides what's "correct." She's so "real - she's brought kitchen-table comfort to her house and anything that keeps her husband happy and keeps her doing what she's doing in her home is gonna' work for me.

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