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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Gee, what a surprise! Bristol Palin and her self-described "red neck" in high-school, sweetheart and lover, Levi Johnson broke up. It's been a Governor, wife, mother, grandma, fashionista, snow-bunny, gun-totin', abstinence preaching, no relationship to Mary Poppins - uncouth, Sarah Palin drama from the start for poor Bristol. The end was too predictable.

The face of Levi Johnson sitting on Sarah Palin's electioneering platform. So bewildered. Forced into speech-making to throngs. The Palin plan was to make teenage-out-of-wedlock child bearing acceptable and understandable - and to make him an instant family-member. Like so many of the things that that Sarah finds acceptable - like shooting moose from low-flying planes - and, charging her family travel and clothes to the Republican Campaign Fund - gee, - Sarah Palin's plans didn't work out amicably.

The planned summer wedding is called off. "Bristol is devastated." She's not "devastated' because her sugary-love has soured. She's now decided that Levi's family is "White Trash" and the baby is not allowed in his home.

Her child's father is unacceptable, "White Trash.!" Gee, the first thing I learned when my children's father and I separated was to be sure they knew he was a good guy who loved them. My explanation: We were just too young when we married and changed and grew and would be better parents living apart. I know that my kids were devastated but they weren't made to feel less than "good."

Children apply everything to themselves and I my know my children would have identified with the negativity of a "White Trash" label. Hearing decent things said about their father, my children grew up knowing they came from "good people" and with lotsa' luck, turned into better than good adults.

The Palin Family have very weird values. Bristol Palin's mother was the first to call her future-son-in law "white trash." As Governor and publicity-seeker, she spends her time following personal ambitions, and, has set an example of do-as-I-say-don't-do-as-I-do-mothering. The Palin family has closed ranks - is keeping Levi, the young father, from close contact with his baby. We're gonna' observe another child being raised in the Sarah Palin tradition and for me, It's sad to envision. Sarah's self-absorbed family values breed children who have connection problems. How many blunders will the media record that these children make? What bad judgments will Bristol's siblings make if this continues? The end is too predictable.

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