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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bare Arms in Winter? Trying to Stay Cool When You're Hot, Michellle?

With the stock market under 7000, job losses soaring and everyday food costs getting scary, finding the headlines filled with Michelle's preference for bare arms in Winter above the fold - on a par with credit card companies blasting hurtful changes through before the 2010 Credit Card Bill of Rights is put in place, what's worse? Why are we obsessed with Michelle's dress code and not focusing on the bank's code of ethics? I know why credit card companies are in action...

...I think I know why Michelle goes bare in Winter. Could she be menopausal and melting in any weather?

The world fashion scene and nations of intelligent women are acting like they're in menopause - or approaching - by copying Michelle's pre or current bout with - I think - the sweats of menopause. Her arms are great - she works hard at keeping fit . However, I cannot believe that a woman as astute as Michelle would buck international good taste as USA First Lady consistently. The heck with establishing an "individual style" a la Jackie Kennedy...Jackie must be rolling in her grave...

...wondering, why would anyone, in early morning Winter, at the first official church service be without a stole, a jacket or a sweater ??? Jackie's been there - done that - It's cold in stone churches. Bare arms for formal occasions make people who are dressed properly very uncomfortable. And winter late at night? Too many occasions to mention. Jackie and me - It's cold! Been there, done that, too!

So, in Michelle's first official White House photo she is wearing black with pearls - so very conventional - and carries through her preference - and what she's making her signature style - bare arms. Her reason is to be comfortable. She may be comfortable, however, its unlikely that Americans' used to central heating and Europeans who wear cashmere sweaters under woolen suits 'cause they do not have central heating...will accept Michelle's explanation for her preference for bare arms as good taste or comfortable. Women get it...late forties for some and over fifty, you get hot - sweat at all the wrong times - need bars arms and a dress that's got a low cut underarm. Gotta' stay "cool." Can't get antsy or lose confidence, particularly during spotlighted occasions. Been there, done that!

Michelle...give energy to slowing the rash of credit card interest rates, buy a light weight stole or jacket and show the world that our First LAdy sets an example of universal good manners. Fess up! I think you're pushin' it!

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