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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today's weird stuff...Octo-Mom marketing her birthing pictures - asking seven figures - Hillary talking to frustrated women about instant love for Bill on Turkish TV, falsely endowed, Pam Anderson dropped her exaggerated breasts at Fashion Week, an escaped criminal - obviously a realist - sneaking back into jail - and aside from that - Ya' gotta' laugh...

...I'm in a numerology #3 "from the ridicules to the absurd and gotta' laugh" Personal Day...Aside from the impossible happening - above the fold, news of the deepening, seemingly bottomless recession, there's egocentric, druggie-screamer, Rush Limbaugh - ratings failing - preaching to stay afloat - assuming leadership of the Republicans while waiting to see Obama fail - see the country fail...predicting the imminent death of Ted, Mrs. Lincoln???

...looking for something laughable I was reminded of an oldie...Mrs. Lincoln, aside from that, how did you like the show? and bumped into other golden oldies. The Brits homemade remedies on the BBC.

To ward off wind after dinner...fennel seeds in tea.
...for rain = a storm of diarrhoea...mashed bananas with a dash of lemon juice.
...for cold sores, make it hot...rosemary in half pint of cider at bedtime.
...and if you think you're being stung...bee bites, without the stinger, stop hurting and swelling when covered by a freshly cut onion...

...and, if all this escapist nonsense makes you anxious - for the calm after the storm, drink a sweet milk shake.

Aware that tomorrow is my #4 "reality check - be practical, work and maintain what you have" Personal Day when the Universe is in a #5 "there's lotsa' news, plans change, the world will juggle surprises" Day, I'm gonna' enjoy a few #3 Personal Day laughs while I still makes me smile...Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the show?

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