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Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Can I Believe?

True to my numerology #4 "get down to basics and have a reality check today" Personal Day, money and what can I do to hold on to it is on my mind. Reading today's news doesn't help...

...Octo-Granny has been in foreclosure since last May...where will Nadya Suleman collect her food stamps and public support for the litter of fourteen? According to my restructured budget, she's not getting any money from me.

Who supports the Catholic Church...Catholics I imagine. Well, the Pope accused Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden - both Catholics that support "a woman's right to choose" abortion, of misrepresenting the church and he's angry with them. Will they continue to tithe to keep the Pope dressed in silk and velvet?

Negatively speaking, today Ben Bernanke, sees the economy shrinking and five million on jobless benefits - unemployment getting higher. Yesterday, he said things were getting better.

Positively speaking President Obama introduces his Housing Plan to make loan modifications and stem foreclosures on March 4. That's pretty soon! Loan modifications will be jointly paid by lenders and the US Treasury. Oh, goody, I can maintain my budget..For folks who can and cannot qualify for conventional refinancing Yes...I wrote "who can and cannot" qualify...Banks for people who "can" and Fannie and Freddie to provide long term sustainable modifications for the "cannots."

Although Obama is "dancing as fast as he can", The "news" let me know that Mickey Rourke's beloved Chihuahua, Loki, passed on and I feel more reality and truth in that news story than any other I read today.

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