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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pedaling the New Tourism

In keeping with downsizing personal spending, the new tourism points the USA toward a vast linking of bicycling routes across the nation. Europe and Canada have perfected bicycle travel over the years. The American Association of State an highway Transportation and The Adventure Cycling Association of America have gotten together to organize 50,000 miles of routes with signs so that American's can "see America first-hand" and travel on the cheap. This is the time!

This is not the result of an Obama miracle. Jobs have not been created...nothing is being constructed. The largest interstate route in the world is born in cartography. Mapping roads that consider traffic volume, terrain, amenities, urban trails with already established bicycle routes. Presently, the plan is not as well organized as Europe and Canada, but we're on our way to discovering new-old ways to flourish and enjoy life without thinking about a Ponzi-schemer or that a lavish trip to Las Vegas is only way to vacation.

I pass on this good news while searching the web for the new Madoff Doll with it's accompanying hammer for head-bashing and wondering how Donald T
rump Entertainment can go Chapter 11 again and Donald just walk away with a chip on his shoulder and daughter, Ivanka, trailing behind..."It's only one per cent of my worth!" says, Donald. He doesn't care. He leaves thousands of casino and hotel workers to crap-out of their salaries and go on the road again...well, they can, if they have a bike.

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