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Friday, February 13, 2009

Since I'm in my #7, "analyze everything 'cause what you see it not what you get" Personal Day, and it's Valentine's Day eve, non-pricey gifts for the occasion are on my mind. The best gift in these financially trying times is not gonna' come from the Stimulus Package...It's gonna' be a nifty coupling or a visit to a sex therapist... the time you get your $400 or $800. tax credit (if you make under $75,000. for singles and $150 for married couples filing jointly) or your employer makes an adjustment...or you deduct state and local taxes on an auto purchase - or you benefit from the additional $500. in your student Pell Grant...or, you get a first time home buyer (1/1/09-12/1/09) $8000. refunded tax credit...February 14 time for romance will be over.

Recession is depressing. Money problems make us worry. When entering personal depression, the sex drive is elevated by dopamine going to the brain. However, anxiety saps the ability to enjoy pleasure, so even if your feelings of attraction are elevated, and you become part of the boosted traffic on dating web sites - and find a mate - It's a "catch 22." It's a "close but no cigar" situation.

According to a Career study, romance flourishes at work...why not, you get a paycheck and no check to pay. 40% date colleagues, 31% marry and 42% dates their boss...less anxiety, more pleasure so, good thinking when money's tight...

...and intuitively good thinking Barack has the best Valentine's Day gift for Michelle - and, it didn't cost him a penny. Barack put her in a position to live her teen age dream: She is posed to perfection, a model, on the front cover of a high-tone fashion magazine this Valentine month. Michelle's numerology natal chart indicates that her prepuberty desire was to take center stage...a fashion model, a writer, an actor... and here she is. That Barack: What a guy!

So, Barack has no anxiety over his Valentine gift...Michelle will probably be appropriately visit to the sex therapist for them. And, the Obama's have a cost-free gift to one another - and, continuing their White House romantic, ongoing eye contact, reality-show, once again set an example of coupling at it's best.

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