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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping My Wrinkles Up on the Cheap

Buying products for elastic skin and thinning hair runs into a bunch of money...At my age, everything sags and drops. My thighs look like the waves on the shore! Not a pretty sight. It's Obama-rama "Yes We Can and "I'm not a quitter" time - so, I'm on it!

Looking at Michelle's bare arms at state occasions first made me wonder if her choice is appropriate. Then envy took over. Not a wrinkle from shoulder to elbow. Youth, it's wonderful! And, disciplined exercise helps. But, no amount of exercise - when wrinkles are everywhere - will produce taut skin...everywhere. And, cosmetics that I've found to work are very expensive. So, it's time to be creative if I still want to look in a mirror.I don't have a special cash envelope in my new realistic budget for skin creams. However, I found that I could mix my drinking-to-forget-I had-wrinkles envelope and my super market shopping envelope and look good at seventy-six. Well, maybe not "that-good." I look better.

On the cheap...amazing cosmetics can be made with vegetables, bottled seasonings and the least expensive vodka. There are new ways - that are old ways - to use vodka for more than partying. The new-millennium requires preventing and getting rid of wrinkles on a budget and sharing. So, since I'm on it...

...least expensive, most long lasting and easy...I tablespoon of Rosemary seasoning added to 200 millimeters of Vodka left in the refrigerator for six weeks makes Rosemary Liquor - now, you can drink it and get lumpy if you want to - but, it will do wonders, if you shake the bottle every two days, then filter (put it through the kitchen sieve) kept cold and rub on face and neck every night.

Maintenance is next: To keep skin elastic...another bottle for the refrigerator...take 200 grams of cream - add an egg yellow, the juice of one lemon and 20 milliliters of vodka. Shake and rub into skin. I made a big bottle of this concoction...for me it's needed on hands, feet, elbows, thighs, knees, ear lobes, entire face, neck and chest. I used a gallon jug.

Keep the vodka bottle at ready...add an tablespoon of vodka to the water that you use to rinse your hair and help hair grow faster.

It's hot-stuff for falling hair...chop up a pod of red pepper - add 100 milliliters of vodka, leave it for seven days and after that it's usable. Rub into head skin for three nights in a row. Wash hair and rub in again for three nights in a row. Wash hair and rub in a half garlic clove. I don't know if the garlic is to ward off evil spirits or to scare the hair into staying where it is...however, remember how inexpensive this solution is and It's not as smelly as you may imagine! After a week, wash hair and repeat the procedure.

There are mixtures for whitening skin (100 grams chopped cucumber, 100 milliliters vodka, in fridge for a week, filter and use cold) and taming oily skin (juice of a lemon and 100 milliliters of vodka is ready to use in twenty-four hours) that save money and do a job that is comparable to expensive store-bought skin products waiting for you to find them in your computer.

Reality brought me to necessity and necessity brought me to finding solutions to the problems created by my old age and the devastating economy. The answers are there. I'm on it!

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