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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mixing, Matching and Cementing in the Obama White House

The Obama's - sticklers for routine and macro-management - mix and match the new and the old - bend the rules and cement a few - just like we do. The White House is beginning to seem like my Mother's house. We planned based on past performance, opted for stability and changed each day's plan as surprises arose and a creative button got pushed.

Pre-Michelle, a china pattern was selected by the first lady, was agreed upon by committee and traditions were upheld. At the Governor's White House dinner this past week, Michelle selected a current china pattern and mixed it with dessert plates from the 1939 World's Fair. That was interesting! The food tasting before the event, usually attended by the usual group of reporters, included students at a Maryland culinary school...Michelle adding youthful tastes. The menu included veggies grown in the neighborhood, citrus salad and creamed spinach that had no cream. Everybody's eating "healthy" and the usual rubber-chicken-whipped-cream-dessert dinners and staid routines are being Obama-ized...

...upon entering the kitchen, Michelle greeted the chefs with a kiss on the cheek and everyone pitched in opinions to make it a family affair. There's a new "according to Hoyle".at the White House. It's "according to Michelle" that the Obama White House will bend the rules for creative tastes, efficiency, variety and healthy values. So, she likes to mix and match some things...

...however, where her children are concerned, Michelle will not bend. The children's modus operandi will not change. With "First Granny" at the helm Michelle runs a tight ship...Children are in their self-made beds - in their self-cleaned rooms - by the traditional eight o'clock bed time. Michelle's credo seems to include sticking to routines where she thinks her children will remain secure and unchanged and putting her creative rule-bending in play everywhere else.

It's been many months of promises to bring a new routine into the children's lives; routine changing must be difficult. If the long expected "First Dog" doesn't die of old age before he or she gets adopted into the Obama clan routine, Malia and Sasha will make a change - add a new routine to their scheduled day. They'll walk the dog and tote pooper scooper's just like they would at home in Chicago if Michelle and Barack ever make a dogie-decision. My dogs - all six month old puppies "ran-away" before they reached seven months. My folks had trouble changing routines too.

The White House does seem to be just like my house now: Mixing and matching one minute and rule-fixing the next. Obama seems to be handling the Stimulus Package the same way he Father's his family...remixing and matching while some aspects are written in cement.

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