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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Numeologist's Analysis of Personal Chaos

There's #7 Universal Day news to ponder...On the back to simplicity topic...the rage in Italy is miniature cupcakes...libraries, meatloaf and spaghetti-and-meat-balls make a comeback. The weather? 'Cause Phil, the Groundhog, predicted it - and he's a tried and true "predictor"'s gonna' be another six weeks of cold weather and probably a colder stock market. However, The National Academy of Sciences is investigating Alzheimer's as brain type diabetes - hormone insulin could protect against damage to brain cells - the key to memory - and offer Alzheimer's patients disease-modifying treatments. That's the good news.

Once again, I am reminded that my #6 Personal Day stresses emotions if I don't focus on home. I awoke at 5 AM...It's 6:27 AM and the dog has thrown up in the office, on her four inch think...very furry...real lamb skin bed - my coffee spilled all over an upholstered chair, the carpet and me...when I tripped on the bouncing, vibrating dog hovering around my feet. The dog is haywire 'cause I am not keeping our morning routine, The computer is meandering as I try to work fast. Plans to leave the office at 9 AM to cover a political rally and my quick-stepping made the dog nervous and we all know, "haste makes waste" --- I will never get to cover my story as a timely or calm reporter...

....'gotta shower, dress-nice, remember the camera and stay calm so my drama-queen-dog doesn't get mad at me...and, when I'm gone leave a "disapproving-dump" where I can easily step in it when I get back...It's my #6 "family responsibilities and a stay-at-home focus" Personal Day......I said yesterday, in my #5 Challenged Personal Day, "I never learn." The lesson: Ya' gotta' follow the numbers or chaos reins!

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