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Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Cougars" Running Wild and Free

Cougars" are moving fast and running free...running wild and having a feeding frenzy. Visit your favorite "watering hole", "Happy Hour" till closing, and observe the 35-50, older hotties approaching younger guys. Now, that's just tit for tat, 'cause older, lumbering "Gorillas" have been hitting on younger babes forever.

The new millennium has strange effects. How much of a stampede is newsworthy. How "strange" is up to the fast? Depending on the hunting-sprinter's state of mind, sensuality and finances, the Cougar population is increasing.

Mom's let out of the cage, dating after divorce or discovering a dependable evening baby sitter now that professionals are out of daytime work...Cougars are on the hunt. Known as "Cougars", 'cause they move in fast and can keep up with their young. Their animal state of mind is very optimistic...and although... in the Ladies Lounge used to center on, "What color lipstick is that? - or, Have you tried a "Dirty Martini?" Of late, across the stall door, The Demi Moore - Ashton Kutcher action-packed, so-far-success-marriage is a hottie-topic.

All agree...sensuality had to play the lead in the Kutcher Family star-packed initial mating. "Sensuality" = my polite word for sexual interest. That stuff runs high when titillated by buff bellies and butts that don't shimmer when seen by a bouncy pride of appreciative Cougars.

Then there's the financial aspect of "Happy Hour" drinking and later on sipping. It's cheaper to buy a drink between 5 and 7 than it is to go to a movie. After 7, if a Cougar is still paying for her own drinks, she goes home on the bus - or she should start looking for an older, portly, "gorilla" safe-driver."

When I was bar-hopping we called today's "Cougars" , "Barracudas." "Barracuda's" chased anything in pants. Cougars are more selective. Talking about boozing-safe and the news regularly points-up new millennium, meeting and coupling changes. This #5 "unconventional, freedom-loving" ancient numerologist is on a learning curve courtesy Ken Stark and Heidi Fogelson's daily radio show, Ridin' Dirty...11 to noon PST, KLAA-AM 830 in LA and Listen for opinionated, smart-Alec, "Mama Ellin" every Friday.

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