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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not A Fun News Day - Can We Face Reality and Live?

It's not a fun news day. I have an intuitive feeling that it's time for the return of big-money quiz shows...time for dreaming and "wishes do come true." On numerology's #1 "start new concepts" Universal Day, the thought enters my mind; if we face reality, can we scare ourselves to death?

My first shock of the day: American Express is offering $300. prepaid credit cards to a chosen few if they will pay off their credit cards and close their accounts. That's innovative, a true #1 action that is emotionally powerful...could release some hormones, make my heart beat faster and surprise me to death.

News that home prices dropped dramatically hit home when I opened my home assessment letter to find that from last year to this, my home is worth half and taxes remain the same. So much for my home...the house - a cushion for the time my money runs out. Is that a news-worthy reason for an appointment with Kevorkian?

And, optimistic Obama is reading this too! No wonder Bill Clinton notes a less promising attitude in his public appearances.

So, I want to see something to remind me that lucky breaks happen...

...I'd do a quiz show that asks the questions: How much did AIG lose this quarter? It's a sixty billion dollar answer and the largest loss in history. Who said that the financial system has disintegrated and, there is no sign of a bottom and we are in a situation that is more severe than the Great Depression? This predictor compares today's economy to the demise of the Soviet Union with things going down uniformly around the world. And the answer is, extremely rich, investor, George Soros. I don't think he's gonna' worry about his house assessment. Last question - How much will the US donate to Gaza aid for humanitarian and reconstruction purposes? The answer is 900 million dollars. And, if we donate this vast amount, it won't put a dent in the two billion damage that exists there. Where will it come from? And after it's gone, they'll probably pull an AIG and want more...and if wishes come true...

...yes it's time for a resurgence of quiz shows. I'd call my current events based quiz show..."Face Reality and Live" That's an impossible, here goes my intuition again...if I won I'd probably faint and die.

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