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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nadya, "The Terrible" and "Our Michelle" in the News

Last night's "day of reckoning" presidential speech gave reason to be cheerful. However, in her mid-forties, Michelle's flab-free arms were reason to make women smile too. Daring, bare arms were not appropriate for a president's lady or any lady at a formal "do" - but, I bet every woman looking at her calculated the workout discipline and self-assurance exhibited by "our Michelle." I think in terms of "our Michelle."

We need "our Michelle." With Nadya, "the terrible", the despicable Octuplets mother and grandmother arguing publicly - Nadya talking over her Mom...rude...disrespectful...selfish...on a .com radio interview. The result: Nadya's getting her own talk show. A reward for doing things we don't want our children to do.

Fortunately, the powers that be have decided that the octuplets are not going home to Nadya's overcrowded, unmaintained mother's home. And, tis said that Nadya told the father she had ovarian cancer and wanted one child, to get him to donate his sperm. When Nadya Suleman takes media space, and details of her relationship to motherhood and integrity hit the headlines on the same day, I am thankful for the admirable examples of maternal instincts, marriage partnership and personal independence set by "our Michelle."

I become more comfortable with her independent interests and often unconventional styles. "Our Michelle's" thoughtful choice of personal guests last night was heart-warming and deeply supportive of her husband's goals. And, finally, her announcement that the "First Dog" is a Portuguese Water Dog scheduled to arrive in April, after Malia and Sasha's Spring break...months of promises... those kids are patient! kids would have worn me down or driven me nuts. However, "Our Michelle's" kids pick the same type of silly names for a pet that my kids did...They're being discouraged from naming the new pup, Frank, Moses or Moose...The First lady suggested that they take more time to consider..., while J. Crew advertises Michelle style and Paul Labrecque Luxury Hair care advertises the Michelle Obama look with his "simple, sexy hair", "Straight Finish" lotion at $18. - "Our Michelle" discourages toy manufacturers from using her kids images for dolls and maintains a First Lady image that is "new-millennium-original" and admirable.

There are few financial or housing or mortgage or US-at-war news stories to make me cheerful, so "our Michelle" in the headlines is a blessing.

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