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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Numerologist's Self-Analysis of "Oops"

Oops...close but no cigar! The Arizona Cardinals had me gleefully, dropping my martini glass for refills, screaming, "yes, yes, yes" until instantly, some "he who shall remain nameless to me" Pittsburgh Steeler, caught the ball: A Cards win "went south." In mini-seconds, due to a miracle catch, after I accurately predicted a surprising, exciting game my prediction of an Arizona-Southwestern Cardinals "first"- a Super Bowl win - went northeast.

I saw the seconds ticking away with the Cards leading for an upset - and then - the amazing Steeler defense put my yesterday's prediction of a Cardinals win - to a partial success. Today, sober and back to reality I wonder "what ever made me blast predictions all over the Blogging networks? Aha...there's my usual excuse for indiscretions and mishaps, "The devil made me do it."

Same numbers are attracted to themselves! Yesterday's #5 "expect the unexpected" Universal Day strange things happened. Our swimming American hero, Phelps, admitted to "doing pot"...the Pope continued to defend his Bishops who deny the Holocaust , supposedly sane mothers are reported hosting chickenpox parties - children's play dates with a germ - and it was confirmed that doctors in a fertility clinic put eight eggs into a penniless, single mother of six and nursed her through to delivery of a litter of eight --- the unusual was news - so, my #5 Destiny should have attracted a Cardinals win... psychic-whoopee sports prediction wasn't unique...experienced sports journalists, Gregg Doyel and Pete Prisco predicted the Cards were a "21st Century, flashy, fun" and gonna' win team. However, in the future, since sports predicting is not my bailiwick, I'm gonna' practice what I preach and stick to my area of expertise because, predictably human and only right, according to feedback, 98% in thirty-nine years...

...with my #5 Challenge to my #5 Destiny...the problem is...there are some things ya' never learn!So I'm gonna' chalk yesterday's "close but no cigar", partial "oops" up to, "The Devil made me do it" and continue to be guided by an empathetic angel suffering with a #5 Destiny - carrying a #5 Challenge, who when repeating mistakes, excuses herself with, "The Devil made me do it" - chastises herself with, "I never learn! - and feels compassion for me too.

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