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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Michell and Barack - A Numerologist's Name Analysis of How Opposites Attract

" Barack" and "Michelle" - the perfect example of how "opposites attract!" Lovers and friends may think that sameness is key to a successful partnership, marriage or friendship. However, it's the differences that make every day interesting...and, the differences that fill in the gaps. In talents, natural instincts and self image...their name numbers reveal how sensitive Barack needs Michelle and how practical Michelle keeps him grounded.

To be comfortable, Barack needs to act independently and have an intimate partner in a relationship that is cooperative and where he doesn't have to work too hard to maintain intimacy. Arguments, particularly loud, rude or crude disagreements, are a "no,no." Michelle needs to feel independent and in control of her life. She wants to feel that she is serving humanity and can do things in her own creative way. Michelle is capable of showing one face to the world and privately, doing things the way that make her comfortable. Barack's instinct is to be gentle and supportive...he's comfortable that way. Michelle's is to be assertive and take the lead...she's comfortable that way.

In youth Barack visualized an adult lifestyle filled with culture, aristocratic, polished associates and a perfectionist's professionalism that attracted respect. Michelle wanted to be the center of attention...a writer, a model, an actor...she has the gifts of the communicator...she's witty, charming and chatty. With that gift comes beautiful, expressive eyes and a memorable voice. At first impression, on an escalator or on a super market line, Michelle sends out a friendly vibe and people talk to her...Barach's first impression is aloof, reserved, thoughtful - before he speaks, unless he speaks first on a super market line (which is unlikely), strangers will imagine that he prefers to be alone and will not be assertive. Michelle wanted to be an attractive extrovert pre-puberty and Barack visualized himself as more of an academic introvert.

Career talents are very different too...Barack is a do-gooder that is forgiving, will sacrifice - be brave - and has the empathy and compassion to serve humanity. He visualizes in broad strokes and has no tolerance for pettiness. He has communications gifts - demands a polish of skill and performance from himself and others - and is considered to be "an old soul" in spiritual circles. Listeners identify with him and he is always well received by audiences.

Barack is "born with knowledge" and understands - and actually feels - the emotions of the people he encounters. Most of us sense pain - Barack feels body pain when he sees and realizes someone is hurt.

Career talents derived from the name Michelle enable her to give their union a "reality check" regularly. She doesn't tolerate false promises or impractical dreaming and scheming. Her fortes are management, organization, practical problem solving...a down-to-earth approach to money, lifestyle and commitments. Michelle is often too pragmatic for philosophical Barack...She says it like it is and he he imagines it the way he wants it. When Barack romanticizes - sees the big picture...Michelle helps him identify the improbabilities - the details. The best aspect of their differences, is that when Barack visualizes, Michell works for tangible results...independently, without interrupting his process.

If there are problems...Barack wants unconditional love and approval from Michelle. He is sensitive and reacts emotionally to imagined slights. Michelle is too realistic to go there and disciplines herself to be calm and quiet when he's in a "snit."Michelle does not deal well with unanticipated happenings and surprises. She becomes rattled initially and once into a situation, she handles multi-tasking very well. It's the surprise that gets an emotional reaction from her. She may at times have bombastic reactions that send Barack to the basketball court.

The Obamas: The things missing in one personality and character are supplied by the other. They make a great team. When looking for love or friendship - career choices - lifestyle comforts - check out YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME, a dictionary of over 1500 first name descriptions with explanations of "how to do it yourself" if your name is not in the book. You might have to work at it as I did. Michelle and Barack...on the seems that they just got lucky!

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