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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can Hormone Therapy Keep You Cool?

Staying cool under fire is desiresable now. With Alan Greenspan telling us that this will be the longest and deepest depression since the 1930's, I hope the new drug and training strategies being investigated now become available to me and the stock market's frightened investors ASAP.

Greenspan says the depression-like economy "cannot persist indefinitely. What is indefinitely and how long can I last?

Can I believe him after all his previous Bush-pleasing - "the economy is stable" - announcements and pronouncements? I really want to. Maybe to lessen my fear I need a dose of the stress hormones identified by US researchers who studied soldiers who stayed cool under fire.

At a Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, held in Chicago, it was agreed that levels of chemicals that dampen fear response...lower levels of cortisol and higher levels of neuropeptide...were the reason for soldiers in mock pressures of war remained calm. To the chemicals that dampen fear response, the researchers would add a dollop of meditation. I can meditate and take chemicals...and, it is my wish that the good doctors share this discovery with a frightened nation who cannot remain fearless...stay cool under the blast furnace of an out of control economy.

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