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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day News and OH Those Brits!

Oh those dignified and, sexually dry and unemotional. Are they're getting a bad rap? Do they write love letters? Do they speak of love like we do? Valentine's Day news and England's history reveals...

...a Valentine's Day delivery to a thirteen year old boy (he looks nine) in Great Britain became the first puppy-love father yesterday and disproved that observation that sex isn't on a Londoner's mind. Sexually active British pre-teens puts the image of a non-sensual, reserved, aristocratic nature to an English rumor. The "Mum" is a fourteen year old - and, that means he was twelve when he either "played doctor" or professed his love to a thirteen year old ...maybe the English start out "hot" and cool off later? Brings to mind...

...the current Prince Charles who kept his first love whilst he courted and married a "fair maiden." The "fair maiden" upon learning of his treachery, attempted to "ice" herself and re-heated...took off in all the wrong places and wild pursuit brought her to a sad end. Then there's Charles' younger brother, Andrew...married a hardy- partier who had a foot fetish lover that brought their marriage to a screeching friendship.

We're dishin' now! Charles and Andrew's mother, the current Queen has a sister. She's Charles and Andrew's show-business type socially very active, Auntie...well, Margaret, fell in love with a dashing divorced hero...was forbidden to marry and took off with a commoner but classy photographer rumored to be more Dame than Duke. These Brits have a history of European royalty inbreeding which might be the reason Brits have sensual-pucker-uppers cloaked in tight-lipped dignity. They certainly have brought unusual lovers into the Empire's ruling class.

Witness the life of bloodthirsty, Henry the VIII...between 1509 and 1547, a short life as things go today...for thirty-eight years, he fooled around with his sister as a youth, was a lifelong notorious womanizer who had six wives (beheaded one while courting another) and brought down the Catholic Church (they wouldn't annul one of his marriages) and changed religion in the British Isles forever. After Henry had his most loyal supporter killed, he whisked his pious first wife out of Court circles into the country and drove her ditsy.

This royal seducer courted Anne Boleyn, his second wife - this is the one he beheaded - for over five years. In letters that proclaimed him on his knees imploring - pictured himself as her adoring slave-king, he convinced her to marry. While married, he fell for a visiting cousin, became obsessed again, "discovered" proof of Anne's "fooling around" and got rid of her. One of these letters was stolen by a servant and found recently in Rome's Vatican vaults, after being "lost" for five hundred years. Things get "lost", not so memories...

...on Valentine's Day every year I get love in the mail. I am reminded by my ever-thoughtful, fifty-five years young son, that I am his first Valentine. It's an American thing, "speaking up" - "telling it like it is."

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