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Monday, February 9, 2009

Uncle Sam says, "Your Country Needs You, Stop, Damm It, Shop!"

Sign of the times...seen in a store window..."Your country needs You, Stop, Damm It , Shop! On my #3 "stay optimistic. gotta' find something to laugh about" Personal Day on the worldwide #4 "reality check, practical details abound" Universal Day...we're talkin' funny and unfunny things about money... the places we go to escape reality, you can find discounted "Drown Your Sorrow Drinks" with the names, "Madoff Nectar, The Recession, Bailout made from unpopular liquor brands - and a NY bar offers a "Laid Off Monday", 2 for 1 all night - with a free midnight tequila shot - if you have proof of unemployment...

....not working? Travel to India and get a cheap rate at the hair salon if you bring your own dye...and they're cutting down Rio's Carnivale expenses...dancing the Samba especiale in Brazil demands costly lessons and Samba schools are struggling....however, Finlandian's maintain their sense of humor with - a big piggy bank adorned with devil's horns that holds a sign cautioning, "Don't Feed the Depression."...while,...sales are up on "signs of the times " things...

...the Brits are shopping money boxes to put under the mattress, Fish and Chips shops are full again - taking back their rightful place now that Chinese, Indian and Thai restaurants are more expensive and in at home is again popular so, instant noodle product sales are up.

It seems that economic greed in on the way out and bicycle-riding self-induced-muscle -pain and my ganglia cyst are on the way in. Bicycles sales have risen - sore knees are on the rise and knitting is making a comeback and I'm thinking of giving it a try again. After a long battle with an overused wrist that produced a painful cyst this brainstorm better save me money. I will knit to begin my Christmas gifts in time for the 2009 holidays. This may be a blunder: The last time I knitted a scarf, the doctor bills cost more than if I went out to buy one.

Sad sign of the times...The NYC, glamorous, very expensive, Rockefeller Center, Rainbow Room - a Dancing and Supper Club overlooking the lights of the city...that holds youthful awe, middle age romance and pleasant "I Love NY-NY" old age memories for me is closed. The circular, windowed bar will be kept open's just too expensive to keep the high styled, high above most people's pocketbooks dining room alive. So, a bit of sadness is acceptable during this reality filled day and I'll go...

...back to thinking about spending to support our nation...Yes, I will do it when I have the love of country does not include using a credit card at this time.

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