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Monday, February 16, 2009

Not the Time fo Dissention

Reading international news...people all over the world Blogging their thoughts - commenting on how in the worst financial crisis that most of us can recall...most of us didn't live and survive the 1920's depression...Republicans and Democrats cannot stand together to help the new President put "Humpty Dumpty Together Again." America fell...our Bush created Humpty Dumpty, needs the instant glue that makes anything adhere and can't even get help from a child's made-for-paper glue stick. As parents, we tell our children..."Play nice." I'm telling my elected officials to "play nice.' Unfortunately, some think-stuck leaders just don't listen.

In the USA, passe, old-timer, John McCain speech making to get TV time, trying his best to separate the parties in order to create a place for himself in an economy that can only survive with youthful, optimistic, inventive thought and planning. This negative 'old school" head master should put himself out to pasture. To be destructive, at a time when constructive planning and innovative lawmakers need support is unsoldier-like and self-serving. That we did not elect McCain president was one of our better ideas. He'd be in one of his many houses spending on war and ignoring the plight of American's that can't hold on to the only one they have.

Tis said, "Old soldiers never die...they just fade away...Go back to Arizona, John, and fade.

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