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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Woman's Right to Choose Public Service Now

Due to friendship with a few pro-choice activists and women who lived during the 1960's shocker, Helen Gurley Brown's, SEX and the SINGLE GIRL and 1970's Gloria Steinem-Betty Freidan-Bella Abzug bold consciousness-raising for equal rights, I was not-too-gently-nudged to a planning meeting-retreat of Arizona Women's Political Caucus of Greater Phoenix. - a chapter in the non-partisan, National Women's Political Caucus.

I never think of myself as a joiner and equality for woman isn't something I generally go to meetings to promote...having supported two children on two to three jobs at varying times for twenty years, I fought the battle for "equal pay for equal work" - fair hiring practices - in real survival time. However, yesterday, less self-involved and wiser......I came away with an interest in promoting a women's access to power and spreading the word.

It now seems to me that gender is equal - maybe tougher - than color as a barrier.

Times have changed...if there are generational barriers, we need to find common ground and young women should be made aware of the opportunity to be involved and, the need for activism - much to ponder......this awakening made me realize that I personally want to find a way to see more women who express their belief in a women's right to choose in public elected and appointed offices.

I've freelanced all my working life and am not a corporate benefits junkie. So, I didn't know that woman are often overlooked for freebie educational benefits..and much more. Believers in equal SS benefits for women who stay home to care for children and health insurance coverage for birth control drugs (since insurance pays for Viagra) need to find and add their energies to the non-partisan, Women's Political Caucus Chapter in their neighborhood.

The dedication to eradication of sexism, racism, ageism, violence, poverty, discrimination against the disabled and discrimination on the basis of religion and national origin - and, ensuring reproductive freedom and freedom of sexual orientation...these goals and purposes are in the bylaws of Arizona's Women's Political Caucus. This is the place! I am thinking of getting involved...I don't do "get involved"...however...the millennium has changed my perspective. I feel a call to public service now.

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