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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Numerologist's Take on "Madmen" in the White House

...seems like the TV show "Madmen" and the operating skills of 1950's Advertising agency hucksters are hits at the Obama White House. In an effort to get his Stimulus Package passed, The Pres has invited six Democrats and six Republicans that are voting on the Stimulus Package to a cocktail party staged to sell his product. Darn good idea.

In the 1950's, booze, cigarettes and a social setting mixed product manufacturers (known as "clients"), that had to advertise, with hype-sters (known as Ad Men), who created enticing public images for the manufacturer's product. Cocktail parties in homelike settings were keys that opened doors to discussion and handing out favors - things that would not happen in a conference room. Attempting to mix the representatives of the two parties in a social setting may bring about revealing insights, a drunken brawl or nothing at all.

Since this is the dawning of the new millennium, we should see the return of early 1900's past performances. The early 2000's are bringing back 1932's FDR construction projects that create jobs. 1920's banking industry changes. The simplicity of cooking and eating at home, craft hobbies and social service neighborliness as a natural part of "the simple life" are returning.

And in the "Yes WE Can" era, it seems we will research successes from the past and do anything we can to keep communication open. (Gotta' find the booze recipe that sparks diplomacy and cooperation.) With the return of the social setting selling tool, The Business Motivated Cocktail Party, we'll be watching "Madmen" for ideas. I expect the two martini lunch that lasts into cocktail hour and continues to dinner will have a comeback too. That reminds me...the expense account was created in the 1950's too...

...however, if you're just entitled to a "Petty Cash" draw, try my stock tip: Buy liquor, tobacco and cell phone stocks. If I'm right and the future holds increased drinkin', smokin' and talkin-it-up" gatherings just like a "Madmen" commercial, you'll profit.

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