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Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK, JR. and Obama Magic

...woke up in the middle of the night - typical #5 Universal Day break in routine - turned on CNN - brimming with MLK, Jr.'s brand-of-magic-memories..and relived my 1963 bus trip from NYC to Washing, DC, to support Martin Luther King, Jr.'s march for equality.
Looking at today's cheery DC assemblage on TV - I recalled - nobody was laughing in my bus. Our trip was fueled by festering anger. Buses headed to hear today's MLK, Jr., "We Shall Overcome" speech replayed and tomorrow's 44th presidential inauguration are charging toward the Washington Monument fueled by joy.
I was thirty-one, riding the bus in 1963, we were taking such tiny, painful steps toward America's promised equality - even I thought I'd be dead before we'd elect a Black-American president of these conflicted United States. During tomorrow's inauguration ceremony...I'll pinch myself - whew, still above ground - so, I'll experience magic.
Now, I'm TV watching - Wearing dungarees and work boots, Obama's surrounded by doers - painting walls - conferring with young and old - making more changes...even MLK, JR. Day is shifting focus and, becoming a day dedicated to hands-on community service...and encouraging participation - NOW.
So NOW, the TV is off - I'm surfing the net to find the nearest homeless shelter that needs a pair of willing hands. This is a purposeful #5 "pivotal changes introduced" Universal "push for progress" Day. And, although there's bristling activity everywhere - everyone appears content just to have someone connected to reality to believe in again. It seems to me, Obama is making new millennium magic...and for a numerologist, he's very believable.

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