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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Creates Past, Present, Future Memories

This numerologist's take on Obama's pre-inauguration activities bring back my 1950's generation's good memories - and, is creating amazing memories for this 2000's generation. At my age, memories abound and they're welcome. They keep me warm.
Visualizations stay with us for a lifetime. Obama has the talent for doing things in living color - he's active in DC and when he travels he seems to genuinely want to talk to everyone. Unlike Bush - he's enthusiastic about connecting - doing everyday things he's never done. His youth - his natural desire to be out and about, enjoying simple things, is a big plus to Americans under economic siege.
Young or old, we look and listen everyday - he's not hiding, plotting, planning his administration in secret...He's speaking publicly - often I think I can see his thoughts mulling together as he draws pictures with words. His confidence builds our confidence as he shows us how to identify with past successes and imagine future improvements. He's a planner - an organizer - a go-to-guy who knows he's making memories.
Obama's train ride to DC - the whistle stop waves to endless crowds along the tracks - the speeches to teeth-chattering crowds with smiling lips - endless smiles two days before his inauguration - when on an average day, it hurts most of us to smile. People gathered hours before his arrival just to have the memory.
I like remembering the gutsy, average guy from Missouri who took over when cultured, classy, FDR died...Obama's wave from the back of the crawling train brought back Harry Truman's whistle stop memories. Harry loved to play the piano. He got mad - publicly angry - when his daughter was criticized - never forgave the critics - and , knew the "buck stops here." I recall I thought he belonged in our kitchen.
Memories of FDR's Fireside radio chats flood in when almost daily there's an Obama message to the people. I thought FDR was a family friend because although the country was at war and so many everyday things had changed - his voice resounded on my Mom's kitchen radio almost every dinner time.
Tomorrow we celebrate an American icon...Black-America's pioneering spirit, Martin Luther King, Jr. with in my 1950's memory, an impossible dream creating an unforgettable's one day before Black-American, Barack Obama will be inaugurated as President of the United States of America. After I see it, I'm gonna' be a really toasty-warm old lady reliving the memory.

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