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Friday, January 23, 2009

First Dog Breed Choices by Breed Number

This Numerologist's #7 "analytic" Personal Day my mind delves into Malia and Sasha Obama's "choice of First Dog" dilemma and my book, FROM ACE TO ZUMMO. The little ladies are torn between a Labradoodle, #8 and a Portuguese Water Dog, #6.

FROM ACE TO ZUMMO lists the breed by number, each number has a chapter of information that delves into the breed talents, preferences and idiosyncrasies ,and tells the reader what the pet is thinking. The questions about compatibility of pet and pet companion are answered. For me, It's an easy choice; my type-of-companion preferences are established and I wrote the book. For the Obama's, FROM ACE TO ZUMMO may solve their dilemma.

For the Obama family, it would be a good idea to decide if Labradoodle high work energy demands suit their lifestyle. This is an intelligent, competitive, courageous mixed breed that needs athletic friends and leaders. This breed needs challenges, exercise and play all day. Labradoodles think, "I'll assume leadership and power - Elect me leader and we will win." It's not easy to train a Labradoodle to succumb to the owner's Alpha position...that's you, if you own one.

The Portuguese Water Dog is a's credo is, "You make me comfortable and love me and I'll protect, nurture and follow you anywhere." Portuguese Water Dogs are very "teachable." They are quick to learn because they are food oriented and a doggie treat will get them to do everything. This breed is very emotional, sympathetic and steadfast. Portuguese Water Dogs know that they are supposed to listen to and be supportive of the Alpha leader...that's you if you own one.

These breeds are very different. My choice would be the Portuguese Water Dog. I live with and love my #9 Miniature Schnauzer. Miniature Schnauzer breed #9 includes the #6 homebody with #8 bravery, #9 compassion and #7 intelligence. She never leaves home without me, learns quickly and would bravely protect and defend anyone in trouble. That's my breed personality choice for compatibility.

Our First Family will choose their First Dog shortly. FROM ACE TO ZUMMO would be helpful. I hope they read the book.

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