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Thursday, January 22, 2009

This Numerologists #6 "think about home, relationships and family concerns" Personal Day. It's a joy to see that the Credit Card Bill of Rights is being re-introduced in the House and Senate. It will be Obama-rama magic If the bill passes the House and Senate now. And, if it is signed by the president - passed - banks must comply now. Personal relief goes into effect in ninety days. Now is key.

Instead of waiting till the Spring of 2010, banks will have to stop increasing credit card interest rates at will and being selfishly selective as to where they apply monthly payments. Banks are changing credit limits without notiication and putting payments to the lowest interest debt leaving the high interest debt almost the same on each month's statement. And, with this positive practical action to control bankers greed sending out "Yes WE Can" vibes, try negotiating with your credit card debtors...

...if credit cards are with the same bank, you may be able to bundle your accounts. Another key word for now..."bundle."

And, if you're thinking of taking your financial life in your own hands...take a course in "negotiation." You can re-negotiate your lease (if you're a renter). You can approach cable companies, cell phone networks and if you owe more than your house is worth now, talk to your mortgage holder to renegotiate interest rates. They may not want to lower the debt - however, they do want to collect their money eventually.

Companies do not want to lose customers. With negotiation and a diplomatic approach, the rash of good "advice on personal finance" books available now may give you insights and tools that ease financial concern and add to personal freedom.

We'd have the freedom - that's time and energy - to look outside of the problems within our own personal enclosure if we took action to help ourselves now. We need to know that the rules and rates change every day. It's not enough to make one phone call to stay on top of the pile; "the squeaky wheel gets the oil." Phone to maintain a presence while waiting for a "yes or no."

If you want to make the most of your household budget, list possible commitments that you can approach to negotiate to bundle credit cards, lower interest rates and decrease household expenses now.

This Numerologist's take: We'd be able to get involved in Barack Obama-Colin Powell's call to us to make a commitment to community If we see legislators implementing practical solutions to our home, neighborhood and family concerns now, we'd be less stressed and able to connect to community problems - contribute as a cohesive neighborhood tomorrow -feel freed of depression and help others now.

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