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Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush, Madoff = Renewals and Firsts

This day of firsts brings in first-timers and millennium renewals. Although the calendar marks today as January 16, for numerologists this is a #1 "start new projects, make contacts, be creative and progressive" Universal Day. The first time a commercial airliner crashed into water, had a safe landing and not a soul is hurt. The new millennium renewal of Sears layaway plan...

...and, above all firsts - a marriage scam of giant proportions. In a marriage of fifty years duration, a wife that goes to the office every day and eats dinner alone every night with her husband does not know that he has a brokerage business that gave her an eighteen room Park Avenue apartment and doesn't place orders for stock buys and sells...

...Bernie Maddoff's wife and business partner of fifty years had three mansions plus a giant yacht and, had no idea that he sat in his office all day - had lunch at the desk - and played with his scheme.

Why didn't the Stock Exchange pundits notice the computer inactivity? Will we see changes in the SEC as one of the new millennium renewals?

Numerologically - We should see the application of practical corrections in the summer of 2011. Expect to see at least a year of more disclosures, bailouts that don't bail out mortgage holders and bank money injections that just detail the problems.So, "firsts" are in focus: We hear about Germany's flirt first-kill later Internet killer. Esquire magazine put a very innovative ad in it's cover for the first time....more to come. Rachael Maddow topped Larry King and ABC's, "This Week" beat NBC's, "Meet the Press."

And, when I listened to the President Bush's Farewell Address on radio for the first time - didn't see his arrogant stance, sneering mouth and glazed, staring, hopeful eyes - visualizing escape and thinking, "Playing "war and terrorists" has been fun but, when can I go on a real "lost weekend?"

I have firsts in mind: I felt sorry for arrogant, inept, Bush when listening to him apologize for his well intentioned but bad outcome decisions. I have renewals in mind: Betcha' Bush adds a well stocked bar room to his new Texas mansion.

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