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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Numerologist Prediction: Obama, the Man

Numerologists wait for things to happen too. We predict...but who could have predicted these magic moments of worldwide joy?

Sure, I knew that with the new millennium really beginning in 2008, a "virgin first" would be elected president....not politicians with a past - experienced Washingtonians, Hillary Clinton or John McCain. When McCain introduced "virgin first", Sarah Palin, I freaked! She did give him a boost up and deflated his campaign with rampant political ambition and unimaginable ignorance. So, It had to be an educated, cultured, intellectually gifted, universal contributor, to move Americans to a "virgin" vote - a prepared "virgin first"...that is Barack Obama.

As I watch the preparations for Obama's inauguration and eagerly await his words to the nation, I thank whoever-she-is-up-there for the sun and clear skies that accompany the bitter cold. John Kennedy's inauguration day and night were wet, slushy, freezing - I was there - and no amount of joy in having him as president, could make me warm.

Looking at the vast crowds on my TV screen, that I know are really cold...all I see is warmth. This numerologist predicts's a blessing and a curse. ..however, although slow progress to economic recovery is clear and it's apparent that Americans are quick to adopt the "Yes We Can" and "Yes We Did" theme of this incoming administration, can I predict that Obama's vision will get us out of this overwhelming political mess that Bush-Cheney bequeathed...yes I can.

Yes he will. Now, I must live long enough to see Obama untangle the legacy of disengaged leaders and corrupt details he has inherited. It will take time for people to realize that it's not enough to be proud of electing a Black-American.

We elected a man dedicated to bringing us "back to simplicity", back to family focus, and back to accepting that sacrifice will breed recovery and giving public service is as rewarding as driving a new Lexus.

Obama, the man, will - must - alter our ego-focused 1900's expectations that grew to an excessive way of life to the 2000's new millennium focus...exploring and creating partnerships, urging diplomacy not war - and taking care of the details of intimate relationship. To focus on cooperating for success.

Still watching TV...waiting to hear Obama's acceptance speech...This numerologist's take on Obama's influence: In time, we'll observe him as an amazing force of energy. We will emulate him: A man who appreciates what he has, works for what he needs and knows that he, and we, cannot do it alone.

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  1. " Barack Obama was born August 4 ,1961.

    His marriage was at the age of 31(3+1=4).He was elected President in the November 4 election.He is the 4th

    youngest US President.Also,148 years have passed since the swearing in of Lincoln(148 adds up to 4).Also,it is
    after 40 years(4+0=4) of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

    In a particular numerological way the year 2008 was important for obama.

    He was born in 1961 which gives 17 by addition.1961+17 makes 1978.Now,1978 brings 25 by addition.Add 25

    to 1978.That gives 2003.Number 2003 gives 5 by addition.Adding 5 to 2003 makes 2008.

    Is it a mere number crunching? No ,not at all!

    To substantiate this point see the case of Saddam Hussein .He was born in 1937 .Adding the numbers in 1937

    gives 20 .Add 20 to 1937.Then we get 1957.It was in 1957 that Saddam joined the Revolutionary


    Now add the numbers in 1957.Then we get 22.Adding 22 to 1957 gives 1979.

    Saddam became Iraq president in the year 1979.

    coming back to Obama,his name number (occult number) is 26 which adds up to 8.


    Michelle was born on january 17,1964.Hence her birth number is 8.Her occult number is 44.

    Surprisingly,the fate number of Obama and Michelle is same.Their fate number is 29.It is obtained by adding

    together the numbers of the date,month and year of birth.

    Briefly,Obama and Michelle carry the same fate number and occult number.

    Since the fate number is 29,the year 2009 is going to be highly epoch making in their life. "