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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Numerologist's Take on First Lady Fashion

My Numerologists #5 "pivotal change, expect - and do - the unexpected" Personal Day - still on an Obama-rama high. I hoped and it happened: The Inauguration Day plans went as well as Obama's election campaign. The day's formalities and evening galas gave a hopeful world a look at the incoming administration's truth, reality purposes and connection. Now, if I could just say equally nice things about Michelle Obama's fashion choices.

Warned by friends to "shut my mouth", I'll get right to the point. I wish someone would tell Mrs. Obama that we have American designers who know women's clothes should be structured to pull in the waist, flatten the tummy, make the bust line look perky, never loose shape, move gracefully or not move at all, be strapless and stay up, and, be of a length that flatters the individuals leg shape and height - and doesn't trip the wearer (or anyone walking behind).

Michell Obama may have asked designers to create comfortable clothes. However, comfort and dress structure are built-ins to custom design patterning. For "off the rack" clothes, a bustier, models cinch, "Merry Widow" are worn beneath to give the upper body a smooth midriff, narrow-as-possible-waist and no belly.

The built-ins are the work of a well-schooled, custom or couture designer that examines each customer's body shape with artful scrutiny and dresses woman to hype the positives and cover up the flaws. And, for women in the limelight, styles and color are chosen not only to enhance but, with purpose in mind.

Briefly, the heavily jeweled, designed for cocktails, yellow coat and dress, (that looked green on TV), worn from morning to sunset, Inauguration Day outfit and unstructured ball gown - above the waist - looked like the over-the-shoulder-wide-band was hastily hand-stitched on (to be sure the strapless - lacking the structure of a built-in bra) would not fall down)., The uneven hem, (looked-like it might have been a train back) - made-to-trip-on, "debutante coming-out-party" dress that made walking up and down stairs a nightmare was a bad dream and, the silhouette made the London Times comment, "maybe she has a bun in the oven' - oh, gotta stay "briefly...

...I know Michelle Obama is a "quick-study." Just the way she changed her public tone from professional, efficient, activist, Black-American woman to "Super, Focused on Family Wife-Mom" at the early electioneering stage, she is probably going to observe, listen to comments and add to her storehouse of knowledge. For now, I wish she had made the same quality fashion choices she made for Melia and Sasha - they looked warm, comfortable and they looked their part.

This numerologist does not believe that the new first ladies Inauguration Day naive fashion choices will become "American classics" or made the most of her stunning stature and enhanced her beauty or grace. She is a tall, slender, youthful 40ish, knockout! And - On a well structured, perfectly formed Smithsonian figure, the "First Lady Exhibit" clothes put on display will hang flawlessly and send Michelle's under-developed fashion designer tastes and "early-First-Lady" fashion statement into the future.

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