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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Numerologist's Foggy-Bloggy Day

It's a foggy-bloggy #1 "find something new to talk about' Personal Day. Change will be slow...yeah...I know. I'm patient - I'm perfectly patient - just getting tired - ducking waves and extending life lines.

There's President Obama's briefing, on his seventh day in office, that covered auto emissions, fuel economy, his "green agenda" projected into 2011 and 2009 layoffs - layoffs and more layoffs. News articles labeling and describing "The Twenty-five People Responsible for the Global Financial Crisis" - that's old stuff that's not gonna' produce anything new. And, Demi Moore's daughter, Rumor Willis reaction to her Mom's bringing a guy more her age home - not only for dinner - but for-ever. An older woman and a younger guy - that's new to a sixteen year old story in my crowd. So, my foggy take on the news is "it's hard to buy something new so let's assess what we've got."

Craig Barrett, Intel Corporation, Chairman, is focused on the effective use of assets 'cause the ship is sinking...not new stuff. That's where my head has sailed for the past few days. How to stay above water through - no, swim well - through this tsunami of delays to bailout solutions and my personal financial drowning. It seems to me - it's time to start saving nickles 'cause they turn into dollars...

...researching the basic ingredient(s) in cleaning products (read the label) and using them instead of buying expensive advertised brands makes inexpensive bulk basics valuable again. For example: Baking soda...used in many cleaning products, on a damp cloth cleans crayon marks off walls. Soaking mineral stained metals in vinegar brings them back to life. Dawn detergent and hot water (according to the lady at Tiffanys) is the best for cleaning your gold and diamonds - if you haven't sold or pawned them.

Then there's tips to extend the life of existing assets. According to a recent e-mail...Salt in a paper bag cleans dusty artificial flowers with a few shakes. A spray of cologne or perfume on a light bulb gives the room a pleasant aroma for a few days and saves buying sprays and other odor adding (or killing) expensive throw aways. Toilet paper and kitchen paper cardboard towel rolls are used to store electric cords and saved gift wrap ribbons. Hydrogen peroxide removes blood stains from clothes, carpet...most every fabric completely and quickly. Scotch tape and package sealing tape wrapped around your hand removes dog and cat hair, lint, wool balls anything clinging - at a touch. Aluminum foil wrap on fresh greens keeps them fresh. An oldie but goodie...Leftover wine can be frozen to be used in stews and I discovered, create a new taste sensation when used as ice cubes in lemonade and most fruit drinks.

Well, it's still a foggy-bloggy-lookin'-for-what's-new- #1 for me. January's #3 "it's all talk and no substance" Universal Month vibes are overflowing the dam. Hangin' in - swimming upstream - waiting for February's #4 Universal Month practical problem solving activity so I can tread water.

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