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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Numerologist's Analysis of Untraditional Changes

Universally it's a #5 "anything can happen Murphy's Law in effect" day...unconventionality reins. Since I'm "Queen of the Non-traditional", adjustments are on my mind. Changes for me and unexpected topics in the news...

...the Post Office is losing customers and money and thinking of cutting mail delivery by one day...not necessarily cutting Saturday...possibly low-volume Tuesday...I guess another price increase won't do it for much for "through hail, snow and sleet, we deliver the mail. Their motto does not include the current economy. Times are truly changing.

In the Oval Office, the edict is "business casual" on weekends and jackets not a necessity when the President's around. Obama gets cold easily, turned the heat up, and as one aide commented, "You can grow orchids in the Oval Office." White House unconventional food news...One formal chef and one healthy, clean food chef have taken over the White House kitchen. The Obama's added twenty-eight old, Mr. Kass from Chicago to cook the things he knows they like for them...evidence that times are changing to an informal, comfortable culture.

Another sign of change...the "Yes WE Can" Dems hung together to pass the Stimulus Package and the "No WE Can't" Republicans voted as one to squash the plan. Togetherness was never a Senate or House forte...Gad zooks! These are indeed changing times.

Credit Card regulations set to change for customer benefit in the Spring of 2010 causing banks to up interest rates in preparation now. Just as Citi Bank has been asked not to take delivery of their luxurious corporate jet, as they fail and accept bailout money, they've come up with an unbanker-like rip off. I guess they were going to pay for the executive-perk-jet with the spontaneous raise of interest they gave themselves on my "always paid more than required and always paid on time" credit card.

With an agreement to pay off my card at 1.9% for the life of the loan, they sent a letter announcing that next month my rate goes to 9.9% or 19,9%...the wording was so vague that I cannot figure out exactly what I will be will be more then the 1.9% I contracted for. Watch the mails - if you're still getting mail delivery - for your credit card interest increases. Too bad the banks are forewarned. Too bad the new law is a year away. Too bad for you and me.

So, with "Murphy's if-anything-can-go-wrong-it-does Law" following me on this "anything-can-happen" Universal Day, the awareness that agreements with businesses - like banks - that have trusted traditions can be changed untraditionally is clear. This unanticipated down sliding economy and informal new administration is changing the foundations of my beliefs. The companies I trusted and the formal Presidential image scream "expect the unexpected" - some businesses change for the worse and some people can change lifestyle for the better...

...good thing I'm accustom to adjusting to the untraditional, 'cause times are really changing.

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