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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Numerologists's Take on Cleaning Out Closets wardrobe came into close scrutiny today, my #9 "clean out the mental, physical and spiritual closets" Personal Day. The #1 start something new" Universal Day contributed to my taking immediate action. And, that's 'a good thing.' Since sadly, there's no "clothes budget" anymore, and that presents a practical reality...what to do with what I've got?

Everyday work clothes don't count...I work at home. If my clients knew how many phone consultations are done in my underwear in summer and sitting on a heating pad, clothed in ski underwear and a bathrobe. in winter...oy vey. So, there's no time wasted on revamping a wardrobe that's only intimate with the washing machine and dryer. Evening clothes don't count...who can afford to go to pricey charity ball galas anymore?

It's the "go to dinner" or "see a client" or "do a lecture" clothes that really need revamping. That's a focus on suit and blazer jackets. Somehow pants live on (if I forgo stuffing and desserts) and since I gave up skirts when Hillary changed her pear-shape to svelte by wearing pants suits, jackets and pants are my "dependables."

The problem is: over wide shoulders, too much underarm to hem fabric, lapels that are too narrow or too wide, jacket length to short or too long and since I do not have an inexpensive seamstress on call, going to the neighborhood cleaner for jacket repairs gets expensive.

For example......even if I had an inexpensive dressmaker-seamstress, jackets - particularly shoulders - need to be altered and changed by a menswear tailor. They know how to fit shoulders so you don't have pleating going from underarm into the jacket's mid-back seam or a high underarm that restricts movement.An experienced shoulder tailoring = minimally $50.- probably, $90....could be much more! Narrowing the jacket width = another minimum $40. Lapel reshaping = another minimum $40. Shortening the jacket = gotta' be over $40. ??? That's a minimum total of $170. and seems to make a jacket too expensive to repair.

With bargains readily available...I decided tis better to buy one perfect black jacket and wear it with a variety of sweaters, blouses, scarves, shawls and different colored pants and look good all the time than to have a closet-full of undependable jackets...

...admittedly, I was a bit depressed at the start. However, this clothes talk makes me reflect and realize that my objective is to feel confident and look good whenever I go out. So, one perfect jacket can be worn., worn and re worn and with this decision...I'm gonna' gather together the various colored, expensive, ill fitting, too long, out-of-style jackets in my closet, bag 'em and get a tax deduction from the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Hum...maybe the tax deduction will cover the cost of a new jacket ??? This #9 "finish-up" Personal Day works perfectly with the #1 "start -up" Universal Day and results in a cleaned out a closet, helping a charity and changing my, you can see how using numerology's day-to-day- prediction can suggest productivity and problem-solving - and, that's 'a good thing.'

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