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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nutty and Nice News

This Numerologist's #8 "solve problems with common sense and efficiency" Personal Day began with more "nut cases" and "nutty but nice" happenings making news than it would seem imaginable. In this #9 "empathy and compassion filled philosophical" Universal Day --- in our "be sane or sorry" economy --- due to Super Bowl Sunday approaching or imaginations running wild to avoid depression...there are lotsa' nuts in the news.

If I had to choose a number one "nut case", Illinois Governor, Blagojevich would win the prize for using cowboy movie, "The Oxbow Incident", to present his innocence plea in court. Bloggy's wild, disconnected, talking-live comparisons of his situation and the movie story line characters makes me question his sanity. If he keeps this up, it will be a nutty decision, however, he could walk away with time spent in an upscale mental institution.

Then there's almost a tie for "first" - reports of Sarah Palin's eleven million dollar book deal negotiated while she attacks the media for writing about her kids - and, her $180,000. wardrobe lies crumbled, stuffed in black trash bags, in the GOP office...waiting how-long to be given to charity? And big Republican donors getting a bit out of hand - uncomfortable --- how nutty can they be, asking, where their money went?

Meaning no disrespect...however, the Pope seems to approve of hate-mongering and antisemitism with his decree to lift excommunication for Bishop Richard Williams and three other bishops who deny the Nazi Holocaust and gas chambers ever existed...meaning no disrespect, Sir - that's nutty.

Ingrate, Jeremy Piven, of "Entourage" TV series fame, couldn't fulfill his - (he's supposed to be a professional) - "Speed the PLow, Broadway theater commitment. He quit due to eating too much fish. Then had a temper tantrum at a photographer's publicity shoot yesterday. Rude and crude - he tore the sleeve off a $350. shirt while bad-mouthing assistants. Piven enjoys a public presence and the good life afforded by a TV job and it's nutty for a short, ordinary looking approaching middle-age character actor not to be grateful, and - didn't his Mama tell him, it's not nice to tell fishy stories?

Nutty and Nutty: McCain's hitting on Obama choices when unity is a top priority...Republicans bringing back bills related to the bailout that did not pass before Obama was elected so, Obama had to remind them that he won. Firms that received bailout money are lobbying for more. If we give them 'more" - that's nutty on top of nutty.

Nutty but Nice...Michelle Obama's J. Crew clothes selections for her children caused to crash...folks looking to buy? That's a good thing! Jill Biden's scrumptious, well fitting, strapless, red Inaugural Ball gown designed by New York designer, Reem Acra, was almost ignored - that's a nutty way to treat a really nice Jill Biden choice. Obama struck down the nutty Bush ban on giving federal money to developing countries for Family Planning...that's nice.

This Numerologist's last but not least "nice but nutty"...Aretha's Inaugural song hat was truly unique for her persona - and it is nice. However, to the thousands trying to buy one - it works for Aretha - wearing it to church would look nutty.

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