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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Universally, it's a #11/2 "futuristic visions, sensitive emotions, preach my message" Day...with my #1 "begin new projects" Personal Day influence. So, the new sermon for today's vibes is...With numerology prediction, it's not hard to follow the practical - stress diminishing - adage - "Live life one-day-at-a-time."

You're gonna' feel the high strung nervous energy released by the #11/2 universal vibes most of the day with lowered physical energy at around four o'clock - that's lowered blood sugar time for most of us. A four ounce glass of orange juice will turn the vapors away.

Knowing that it's possible to raise a credit score by ten points, when trying to find out what it is, can give you the vapors too. Gotta' check that out after I check my score on where -tis said - information is given for a free month and there is no negative effect on a credit score..and, more how to avoid the vapors preaching...

...since this is a good time to purchase a home - interest rates are low and it's surely a buyer's priced, it's good to remember that mortgage lenders and real estate agents are still desperate for business. It is suggested that when you're purchasing a house, the home appraisers used by these people need to be double-checked for truthfulness and accuracy: Get your own appraiser. Appraisers business activity is down too. They could be tempted to color appraisals. It's known to happen. Tis could end up with a house that isn't worth the appraisal...and sometimes...high nervous energy breeds paranoia...

...wondering why the Financial Times is headlining, "regulation is a small price for protection." Are we entering into a government run banking industry? If that happens - Who's gonna' bail out government banks when GM and other bailout recipients default? Tis said, "Banks hide their bailout money in the Cayman Islands" and other offshore stashes. They're still not lending. Foreclosures are still on the rise. We owe China big time! Will China foreclose on us? Taking it one-day-at-a-time...'s high strung nervous energy must be getting very personalized - "doing a job" on my, I'm thinking it's time to grow my hair long and take more vitamins. So, if I get desperate for mortgage payment cash, I can sell my hair and become a paid medical guinea pig - and, with that money - keep my house. If I have a house, I can sponsor "Gold Selling Parties" to cover other basic living costs....that's a plan.

Numerology daily number predictions keep me writing out stress and from going to daily emotional extremes...these extremes, have in the past, preceded bad decisions. Just knowing I'm supposed to look to new ideas and plans - and realizing that I'll be doing it with angst and unrealistic projected fears...I can deal with that one-day-at-a-time.

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