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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Numerologist's Analysis of the First-Name "Nadya

There's explanations regarding the Octuplets Litter on again...on this numerologist's #6 "family and relationships in focus" Personal Day - combined with the #7 Universal "analyze everything and what you see is not what you get" Day...we now know that NADYA, the first name of the octuplet's mother is a #9, means of self expression, with a #2, Soul Urge (natural instinct ) and a projected first impression, #16/7. That's enough number information to do a personality analysis.

Let's take the #9, means of self expression - in it's purest sense - and not including Destiny's conflicting neurotic Challenges, that's an unselfish, brave romantic. That explains why Nadya's mother said that Nadya has been obsessed with having children since she was little. She has no realistic means of caring for her fourteen babes and her mother says, she won't be at the house to care for Nadya's kids when Nadya comes home from the hospital. Nadya doesn't want to share her obsession with a husband...she does not want to marry according to her mother. In her fantasy, everyone will understand and want to help her achieve her ends.

Nadya, the #9, navigates with Toto and Dorothy but doesn't know that she's not in Kansas. Unrealistically romantic, Nadya sees everything working out through charity, empathy and compassion. Yeah, the donations of charitable, empathetic and compassionate suckers...

...seems that Nadya is peopling her own universe. With a #2, Soul Urge, Nadya wants intimates that give her unconditional love and cooperation. Well, if ya' can't meet 'em on Nadya, create 'em with the detachment of in vitro!

Then there's the #16/7 Karmic Self Image...Self Image is also the first impression that other's receive and the visualization from childhood of what life should be as an adult. Nadya wanted to be a cultured, educated, respected, princess. She appears to be a lot wiser, aristocratic and cosmopolitan than she is.

The #16/7 has a tendency to make one rise to reach their objectives and then lose all they have gained. Nadya's #16/7 Self Image causes her to attempt to outsmart others to get the material things she wants. She'll get attention... assistance...healthy babies...and through risky judgments, faith in the wrong people, ambition or greed, disgrace, and other underlying factors, hidden legal issues possibly...the #16/7 "rise to fall" disappointments happen...however...

...with the entire first-name number analysis, it's easy to see what could make Nadya use in vitro to become pregnant, insist upon carrying seven babies, happily delivering eight ,with six kids under seven at home, no life partner and no means of support - other than her bankrupt parents. When I find Nadya's birth date, we be able to compare her personality to her options, see what her psychological Challenges reveal and learn the types of people and experiences her Destiny number has to offer her - and, the self-made universe she imagines will guarantee a lifetime of unconditional love.

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