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Friday, June 5, 2009


Susan's out of the hospital, in a flat in London singing "LET THE SUNSHINE IN." Susan Boyle moves on - energized for now - to meet her welcoming USA public - and to sing for the Obamas at the White House.

In my analysis of her name, Susan showed sensitivity to criticism and extreme self absorption...a strong numerology charted #2 Challenge that causes anxiety and depression. It's not her lack of oxygen as an infant that makes her lose positive energy. It's her obsessive need for unconditional love - on all planes - that causes her depression. Media will inevitably give her emotional ups and downs throughout incoming career opportunities if her placement before the public is not carefully planned and she does not have a closely knit support group.

To remain stable. Susan should focus on a recording career where emotional and practical detail preparation is assured. So, "Let the Sunshine In" to the recording studios and we'll be hearing her sing "God Bless America" as she makes her fortune here.

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