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Saturday, June 6, 2009


This #5 numerology vibed Universal Day brings in surprises and upsets. Expect a long shot winner of the Belmont Stakes - certainly changes that lead to new adventures for horse and jockey. The Ted Kennedy-Max Baucus Senate Health Care Bill is just as likely to follow a traditional path as the Belmont is to produce a winning favorite. And you feel the #5 vibration for surprises and can expect the unexpected as you follow your plans for today.

Horses are ready - jockeys hot to trot - and anything can happen after the crush at the starting gate. The Health Care revisions are at the early draft stage and senators are determined to formulate national requirements ready for a vote in July and on Obama's desk for signature in October. That's a long shot.

In this bill, insurance companies cannot refuse anyone.and will outlaw lifetime limits. Business and individuals must purchase health insurance and this bill is written with provisions for sliding-scale subsidies for people with incomes up to 500% of the poverty level. Millions more will be eligible for Medicaid. The Republicans are sure to label this "socialized medicine" = that's a polite term for their reasons for delays. Nasty upsets and changes are sure to plague its progress through the Senate.

So, keep your hands in our pockets for the's a day fraught with the unpredictable at the Belmont and the start of a Senate long shot. In this anything-can-happen economy, today's bets are off-center.

Hooray! The blog is back. My coffee tastes better in the morning again. Thx! Nan

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