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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Although he's got the lifetime numbers to be a lucky public servant, 2009 is not the best numerology Personal Year for Senate Banking Committee Chair, Democrat, Christopher John Dodd (name numbers, 5, 1 and 6) - (born: May 27, 1944, a #5 Destiny). He's a stickler for planning structures who, like VP Joe Biden often bends the rules and will be battling a karmic testing #16/7 Personal Year when too may things and most people are not what they appear to be. He'll stumble ...he will not fall.

Dodd's Destiny and natural instincts number - the unconventional #5 - has a lifetime of #4 rule-bound Challenges. It's interesting that #4 is the Challenge number of most politicians. Challenges are personality inconsistencies; extremes that people go to when on overload and become stressed: The reasons why we make impractical choices and wonder if "the Devil made me do it." #4 Challenges incline one to put a rule-bound, conventional face to the world and cover-up a kinky private life. Top Gun #4 Challenge holder is Richard Nixon...Did the Devil make him polite in public and rude privately and detail his off-limits actions on tape?

Challenges swing in extreme arcs...the way a pendulum swings and it is difficult for the Challenge holder to balance the pendulum - center his or her actions and reactions. The #4 Challenge is a caution to pay attention to details and maintenance and its other extreme, not to be caught in a maize of details and lose sight of the overall picture. A #4 Challenge holder may be a rigid, set and stubborn workaholic or a lazy, careless and impractical plodder at different times in life. In this # 16/7 Personal Year Chris Dodd's #4 Challenge is heightened by the #16/7, 2009, secret conditions he will have to overcome.

There's a rush on producing Health Care reforms...It's President Obama's pet priority. With ailing Ted Kennedy unable to sustain attendance at Health care Planning meetings, Dodd, his close friend, will take over and work with Finance Committee's Senator Baccus to find a way to finance it.

So, Dodd has a daunting full plate in a problematic, goal-delaying numerology Personal Year. With Republicans screaming that Kennedy would do things differently and put them in play on Health Care plans and a complex economy where his Finance Committee is multi-tasking and dancing as fast as it can, he will have disillusionment and a few Karmic Testing disappointments till February 2010.

Lifetime analysis: Chris Dodd is a lucky, clever, home-loving, independent, humanitarian going through a bad year.

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