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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Accident or suicide? It's unlikely that David Carradine - birth name, John Arthur Carradine (a powerhouse #8.#9,8) - born on 12/8/1936 (#3 Destiny - destined to encounter the "beautiful people" and make a game out of life) would or could have been alone or depressed while letting the "sinshine" in on a play-date in a luxurious Bangkok hotel.

Carradine enjoyed the freedoms that money can buy, liked working and had physical balance and dexterity - as a #3 destiny, he appeared to be and was much younger than his years - he took pride in his athleticism and would easily combine gaming with sensual pleasures and physical challenge.

Numerology charting shows probability of a plan run amok. Common sense dictates the improbability of tying one's own hands behind one's back no matter how gifted an athlete and problem-solver. Carradine's death scene, in the #1 month of a #4 (stabilize, work to maintain possessions and position and build for the future Personal Year) is unlikely to have been the result of spontaneous game play.

Planned, in anticipation of a "sinshine" evening with volcanic pleasures in mind, a too tight shoelace around his neck - another around his genitals - and, it is unlikely that his playmate was a 'pro." Carradine, In a #1 month would meet "first timers" - so, it is possible that a playmate was new at the "sinshine" game. It is also possible that Carradine was on this "sinshine" quest for the first time.

David Carradine was destined to take center stage and be a powerful game player...there are always new games to learn when on a #3 life path. I am sorry for the Carradine Family loss and I hope this numerologists analysis will clarify that suicide is an unlikely cause of death.

For me...many memories of family TV evenings with David Carradine' s sober, serene "Kung Fu" adventures as times he let the sunshine in. At his accidental end, - although I believe Kung Fu would have said, "there are no accidents" - and I do believe he found some #3 Destiny pleasure in the "sinshine " game.

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