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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 29 Ellin Dodge Blogs Numerology Forecasts, Birthdays, Your Life Today & News Opinion

June 28 musing the news....Iran Army plays serious war games testing missiles capable of reaching Israel and US bases and says they can go further = Challenging words again. There's nothing challenging about the US Republican Right-to-the-Right wing duo aiming to get to the Oval Office: Bachmann confuses facts and has a convicted felon, Peter Pan Blagojevich vivid imagination and Pawlenty, who has never been out of his governor's chair and thinks his delusional running mate is brilliantly fit to be president, loudly criticizes President Obama's handling of revolutions in the Arab World.. This is not a dynamic duo! What a waste of Republican campaign donors money. Beware too, of alfalfa or spicy sprouts as we are warned that they may be bearing salmonella bacteria and beware too, of your children seeing America's most sympathetic dumped wife. Jennifer Aniston, in her hard-R-baring-it-and doing-it-all film in big-time promotions on your children's TV screens, due at your neighborhood movie theaters July 8. However, the good news is in Greece, problems appear to be settling and the US Stock market is triple digits up.

That was the Blog & here come the forecasts and celebrity birthdays at - (click on Blog top right...

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