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Friday, February 18, 2011

Today's Your Birthday = Forecast for February 19, 2011

If Today's Your Birthday = February 19, 2011 ForecastFebruary 19 birthday in 2011 strives for self-awareness, quiet introspection and inner growth. 2011 is a spiritual and intellectual vibration for people born on February 19 and commercial activity and ambitions do not go swiftly or smoothly. From March through September it is best to limit social scenes, to head for the nearest beach to meditate near moving water and to perfect skills and professionalism for future use.

Money comes in if you do not seek it. Pleasant relationships and love relationship[ps are based in respect and meaningful conversation. All information should be checked and double checked for validity as this year, "what you see is not what you get." Nothing - and nobody - should be accepted at face value. Since this is a non-material year everything lies beneath the surface and the big personal question is "What am I gonna' be when I grow up," By October's end, the answers come.

All through 2011, physical energy is low and mental energy and ESP are high. So, it's best to plan low-key and keep the physical fitness regimens to a minimum and to pay close attention to your first thought in any situation.

In 2011 you may not get what you want. 2011 requires that you have faith and believe that whatever you need you will get.

You feel energized in October = more in control = and from October through January the material delays ease away. February of 2012 ushers in a power year of successful problem-solving and material success.

Lottery Numbers for February 19 birthday in 2011 = 3, 5, 16, 21, 34, 37.

Wear purple to attract the people and experiences that open doors for growth in 2011.
Amethyst is the gem for attracting kindred spirits in 2011.
Names that begin with G, P and Y add importance to your ambitions in 2011.

Notables born on February 19: Eddie Arcaro (Jockey), Prince Andrew (English Royal), Eddie Brown (Football, Sports), Justine Bateman (Actor), Louis Calhern, (Actor), Nicolaus Copernicus (Astronomer/Author), Jeff Daniels (Actor), Benecio del Toro (Actor), Haylie Duff (Actor), Margaux Hemmingway (Actor), Stan Kenton (Band Leader, Musician) Lee Marvin, (Actor), Carson McCullers (Writer), Merle Oberon (Actor), "Smokey" Robinson (Musician), Dick Siebert (Baseball, Sports), Amy Tan (Writer)

Find a lifetime forecast of your February 19 birthday in YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY, or any major bookseller

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