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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Bristol Palin's lecture on teens abstaining from sex was ridiculed as "she's trying to please her mother" or "in her last interview, she said abstinence was unrealistic." Most thought her to be a hypocrite.

No one asked who paid for the delivery of her baby. If they had been into the practical side of the result of not abstaining or using practical condom protection when in school, they would have realized that their most desired goal = freedom from parental control and rules, regulations, disciplines was imposed by city, state or government agencies that pick up the tab, is immediately lost.

The cost of having a baby in a hospital = approximately, traditionally, $36,625 for 3 days. With good insurance, including the deductibles for both mother and baby, hospital bill, GYN, anesthesiologist, drugs - all kinds of difficult to comprehend delivery room costs - about $4000.00. That's about the cheapest it's gonna' be.

Teens without $4000.00 and parents health insurance or not earning adult pay and do not have independent health insurance lose their youth and freedom to stress, responsibility, unending work and "the clan" or "the system."

Teens who want independence from adult rules and the freedom to make independent choices should realize that Bristol must "please her mother" She had to conveniently forget her previous statement to the media that disagreed with her mother's choices --- and, Bristol will not be free to live her own future until she doesn't abstain with a marrying-type guy who agrees with her mother's ambitions for herself and Bristol - and, since her ex-fiance, the father of her child is a "deadbeat dad", has enough money to support Bristol and her Tripp-up.

Bristol is not a hypocrite...she's a "lifer" = a prisoner the unrealistic religious beliefs and the political ambitions of the matriarch of the Palin clan.

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